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Posted on: February 7, 2008 2:01 pm

Why I love/hate: The Daytona 500

Each week I throw a blog out there asking you all to tell CBS Sports why you love or hate someone or something. We don't care for middle grounds in this blog. Middle grounds are for people much more sane than we are.

This week we're heading to uncharted waters -- NASCAR. We're asking you to share with us why you love or hate the Daytona 500.

How it works is ... coment back on the blog with something like "I hate the Daytona 500 because the sport's premier race should be at the end of the season" or "I love the Daytona 500 because no other sport starts their season off with such a bang." We'll take the best and put them in a mobile video.

You can see how much I know about racing...anyway, I trust yours will be better than mine and don't feel like you have to have a love and a hate. You can just love it, you can just hate it or if you want, you can share why you love some things and hate others.

Just remember to start your response with I love ... or I hate...

That's all. So spread the love and hate. I look forward to reading your responses and any suggestions for future Love/Hates are always appreciated.

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